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What Makes DM Different?

1,000 DALTONS! Ultra-small molecule size, better absorption, dramatic results.

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Deepmarine collagen

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Couple with arthritis

Supports Overall Health

Collagen plays an important role in maintaining good health. Your body must constantly repair and restore muscle, cartilage, bone, hair, connective tissues and skin. 

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man with neck pain

Relieves Joint Pain

The body’s ability to produce collagen decreases as we age.  DeepMarine naturally rebuilds lost collagen dramatically reducing joint and back pain.

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DeepMarine Testimonials

""After using the collagen for one week my itchiness has resolved, the open sores have closed and the scaly skin disappeared..." Ina T

"I've completely stopped taking an antihistamine at night as DeepMarine has taken the itch out of my skin...” Reagan P

"I have noticed a significant improvement in the level of pain that I experience in my knees after going for a run..." Wanda F

"I've gone to different dermatologists and tried many medications....after under 2 weeks on DeepMarine my sores were almost completely healed..." Donald C

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Why DeepMarine Collagen

Not all collagen products are created equal.  At 1,000 Daltons, DeepMarine's ultra-small molecule size and distinctive amino acid sequence contributes to better absorption and  more dramatic results. Click For More Information

Creates Essential Structure

Collagen represents 30% of your body's proteins and provides essential structure to skin, bones, organs, tendons and ligaments. DM users have reported significant improvement in joint & back pain related to osteoarthritis as well as firmer skin tone and a reduction in wrinkles. Most people see a significant decrease in arthritis pain after 3-8 weeks of daily use.

Works Better And Faster

DeepMarine collagen is 3-5 times smaller than similar products, resulting in better and faster absorption in the body. It’s made from 100% fish scale with no chemicals, preservatives or additives.

Noticeable Results

Users have seen life-changing results.  Where creams and pain killers have not worked, DM has brought tremendous natural healing and relief. Many traditional treatments have negative and unwanted side effects, DeepMarine Collagen’s secondary effect is to bring you more youthful looking skin. Click here to read reviews & see before & after images.

DeepMarine Collagen Is Easy To Take

Scoop It

Once each day, measure 1 or 2 scoops. 1 level scoop is equivalent to 5 g.

Mix It

Add the collagen to your favourite beverage and mix well with a fork.  We like to put it into just 40ml of juice so it goes down in one big gulp.

Drink It

Drink the mix.  That’s it!  Repeat again the next day!

DeepMarine Real User Reviews

No Other Collagen Gives You Results Like DeepMarine. 

Stasis Dermatitis before and after DeepMarine collagen

Ina T.

"I have suffered with a severe… Stasis Dermatitis for many years… my foot and leg become extremely itchy with red scaly patches and open sores… my daughter recommended that I try Deep Marine Collagen because it helps rejuvenate the skin. After using the collagen for one week my itchiness has resolved, the open sores have closed and the scaly skin disappeared. The results from Deep Marine Collagen are truly miraculous. I would recommend this product to anyone searching to resolve a skin condition."

eczema before and after marine collagen

Reagan P.

"I have tried pretty much everything under the sun to help with my Eczema. I have been using Deep Marine Collagen for less than a month and the results are astonishing. Not only has my skin cleared up, my face is no longer covered in small flaky pieces of dry skin, and I've completely stopped taking an antihistamine at night as it has taken the itch out of my skin. I am so thrilled with the results in such a short amount of time, I am excited to see the long term results as I continue to use Deep Marine Collagen."

87 year old man itchy skin before and after

Peter C.

"I am 87 years old and a few months ago I developed a horribly painful and itchy rash on my arms and shoulders that the doctors could not diagnose. I was seen by a few doctors and they prescribed a cortisone cream that made the rash worse and made my skin burn. The doctors had no other treatment for me so I continued to suffer for months with this itchy rash and could barely sleep because of it. Once I started taking 2 tablespoons a day of Deep Marine collagen the itchiness disappeared in 1 week and the sores began to heal. I have now been taking the collagen for 4 ½ weeks and the itch is still gone. The only thing that is left is some redness which is getting better every day. "

Tara W.

"I am a professional dancer and last year I suffered a knee injury to my meniscus and MCL. This left me unable to fully bend my knee and consequently my ability to dance was severely impacted. After 1 week of taking Deep Marine Collagen, I began to see a significant reduction in knee pain and my range of motion increased."


"I started taking 1 tablespoon daily of DeepMarine Collagen to help with severe arthritis in my shoulders.  I was discouraged at first because I didn't see any results after 4 weeks.   I decided to increased my dose to 2 tablespoons daily.  After 3 weeks on 2 tablespoons I began to see real reductions in my pain and felt better than I had for years.  I have now been taking the 10g dose of Deep Marine for 4 months and I am so thankful that I didn’t give up after the first few weeks. The pain is continually decreasing and my flexibility is increasing. I used to take the maximum allowed 8 painkillers daily and many days that was not enough.  I am now down to 2 or 3 painkillers a day and some days I don’t take any.  My range of motion has increased so significantly that I can now put my jacket on without assistance, something I haven’t been able to do for years.  I have to say, I had doubts about the collagen when I started taking it, but it has helped me tremendously and without the terrible side effects of pain killers."


"I have noticed a significant improvement in the level of pain that I experience in my knees after going for a run. I have run for many years and since turning 50 I have had pain in one and sometimes both knees after exercising. This has improved a great deal, I am experiencing less pain to the point that I can run and be more active regularly without the same level of discomfort."

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