Why Are Small-Molecule Collagen Peptides More Effective

November 07, 2021

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It’s easy to assume that your body utilizes all the nutrients and medicinal ingredients you give it.  But this calculation is not as simple as nutrients consumed equal nutrients available.  This equation is more accurately represented as nutrients absorbed equal nutrients available.

In fact, the effectiveness and potency of any drug, supplement or vitamin is completely dependent on its absorbability or bioavailability.

What Is Bioavailability?

Bioavailability refers to how much of a consumed supplement, vitamin or prescription medication ends up entering your bloodstream in its original form.

Supplements that are highly bioavailable easily slip through the gut barrier while those with low bioavailability tend to spend much more time in the gut.  This extra time in the gut breaks the supplement into random fragments that no longer have the same potency as the original form.  The extra time also often just moves things along and expensive supplements go straight out the other end.

What Impacts Bioavailability?

There are a host of reasons why a drug or supplement may not be readily bioavailable including the gender, age, and gut health of the person consuming the supplement.

However, one of the most important factors in determining bioavailability is the size of the molecule trying to cross the gut barrier.

Consider the basic process of digestion in which large particles are broken down by enzymes, acids and muscle action into particles small enough to be absorbed through the intestinal wall.  This, sometimes long process, works well to extract nutrients from foods but when consuming a supplement or a medication it is most beneficial to have the supplement absorbed quickly so it has the best chance of entering your blood steam in its original form.

So, you can imagine that a supplement that is already in the form of a very small molecule will be absorbed much quicker and remain in its original form compared to a supplement that is too large to easily cross the gut barrier.

Why Choose Small-Molecule Collagen Peptides?

Most of us know that as we age our body becomes less efficient at making collagen, which frequently results in painful, swollen joints, lax skin and thinning hair and nails.

The benefit of collagen peptides is their ability to activate fibroblasts, your own collagen producing cells, to start making collagen again and also to reduce overall inflammation in the body.   The more of these unaltered peptides entering your bloodstream the more beneficial impact they will have in helping us to make more collagen.

DeepMarine Hydrolyzed Collagen Peptides Have the Smallest Molecule Size

Collagen peptides derived from marine sources are naturally a smaller molecule than those derived from beef and porcine sources. This inherently makes marine collagen a more bioavailable collagen.  Most marine collagens measure between 3000-5000 Daltons while bovine collagen typically measures 5000-10000 Daltons.

Numerous extra filtering steps ensure DeepMarine peptide molecules are at least twice as small as other measuring in at a tiny 1500 Daltons. DeepMarine’s ultra small molecule collagen remains the most bioavailable and effective collagen on the North American market.

What DeepMarine Collagen Customers Are Saying

46 year old, recreational runner with osteoarthritis in my big toe; after 2 weeks I started noticing less pain and swelling (I have tried many types of collagen with no results) walking after a run is bearable again! All joints are feeling better, way less popping and clicking sounds. The product mixes extremely well, it has no taste or smell and the 4 pk is the best value!! Thank you for this perfect product!! I could go on and on with the improvements that I’ve noticed. Proud to support this Canadian product :-)


I have been using DeepMarine Collagen for a couple of years now and I am such a huge fan of this product. I have tried other collagen products and DeepMarine is the best! My skin and joints can’t live without it!


I have tried and tested many different types of collagen over the years, but will definitely stick to Deep Marine because it's superior to most other products, without being overpriced. It helps my skin and my joints, and I know I can always depend on fast and reliable delivery. Highly recommended!


I was so happy to learn that this product has performed on me as described!.Within the 2nd week of use, I noticed the texture of my hair felt and looked fuller and shinier. There definitely is an over all feeling of wellness. My skin does appear smoother with a subtle touch of glow. My friends noticed enough to ask what I was doing. Needless, to say, they are now also using this product and are thrilled with the benefits they're each experiencing for themselves! Such a relief when a product does what it says it's going to do!



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