5 Ways Marine Collagen Can Support Weight Loss

June 06, 2021

Woman taking marine collagen out of grocery bag

Beautiful skin, healthy hair and pain-free joints top the list of noticeable benefits you get from taking a good quality marine collagen supplement. But besides reducing the symptoms of aging, collagen also offers numerous benefits to people during and after weight loss.

    Collagen reduces wrinkles and improves skin tone

      Although many of us strive to lose weight and improve our health we have concerns that once the weight comes off we will be left with sagging skin.

      Collagen keeps our skin taut by holding moisture in the skin, increasing its thickness and giving skin its strength and structure.  When skin is stretched during weight gain, collagen fibers are often damaged and have trouble bouncing back and functioning optimally.  Supplementing with marine collagen can help the body increase its natural production of new collagen and restore skin’s firmness.

      Collagen reduces joint pain and improves joint function

      It’s no secret that physical activity is a critical component of any weight loss program.  But if your knees, feet and hips are killing you every time you set out on the walking path, it doesn’t take long to become discouraged enough to give up on your favorite activities.

      Tendons, ligaments and the cushioning cartilage at the end of our bones are all filled with large amounts of collagen.  Age and normal wear and tear can cause these soft tissues to thin and lose their strength and protective qualities.  The result is pain, stiffness and inflammation in our joints, all of which make physical activity difficult.  Marine collagen has been proven to reduce joint pain and inflammation while replacing lost collagen and making exercise comfortable again.

      Collagen retains muscle mass

      The benefit of including some weight training into a weight loss program is that along with losing fat you will be gaining lean muscle.  More lean muscle mass gives our metabolism a kickstart because pound for pound muscle burns more calories than fat.  So even at rest our muscles are burning calories.

      Collagen contains an amino acid called arginine. In your body, arginine changes into nitric oxide which helps blood vessels relax thereby improving circulation. Increased circulation means more oxygen to your muscles, which improves muscle building and repairing.

      Collagen reduces the appearance of cellulite

      We all have fat cells that lay between our skin and underlying muscles and also fibrous bands of connective tissue that run through this space. When the fat cells push between these connective tissue bands and up against the skin the result is a dimpling effect known as cellulite.

      Studies show that supplementing with collagen improves the density and thickness of the skin's dermal layer and reduces the appearance of cellulite.

      Marine collagen is a natural anti-inflammatory agent

      Studies show that chronic inflammation is at the root of many diseases, including obesity.  There is a strong correlation between the presence of inflammation and an increased difficulty in losing weight.

      Marine collagen has been shown to reduce the release of inflammatory cytokines (these cytokines are tiny proteins that are released and stimulate inflammation in the body). The result is reduced inflammation throughout the body. 

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      The DeepMarine Advantage

      Health care professionals recommend DeepMarine because our collagen molecules are much smaller than other collagen sources and therefore more easily absorbed by the body.  DeepMarine Collagen molecules are 3-5 times smaller than all other collagens on the market, making it highly bio-available and extremely effective.

      What DeepMarine Customers are saying

      Noticeable difference

      "Within three weeks of using your product, I definitely noticed a difference in the texture and feel of my skin, which was one of my main concerns. I feel rehydrated, the saggy, wrinkly skim from losing weight is disappearing. I think my hair feels thicker too, and I don't seem to have so many aches and pains. I definitely recommend this product for a variety of problem areas." - Judith.

      Joint Relief

      "I have just started with deep collagen but already feel its benefits in my joints. I drink it every morning with a smoothie and it is completely tasteless and easy to take, I definitely recommend it! " - Viviana

      The Best Collagen Supplement Out There!

      "I have tried and tested many different types of collagen over the years, but will definitely stick to Deep Marine because it's superior to most other products, It helps my skin and my joints, and I know I can always depend on fast and reliable delivery. Highly recommended!"  - Valerie

      Great for my hair and skin

      "I have been using it for a year now and I noticed that my skin is tighter and smoother considering I’m pushing 50.My hair also grows faster than the usual. I’m into fitness too but I rarely experience muscle or joint pains……I’ll continue taking it because it’s a great investment for my health." - Jennifer

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