The Story Behind DeepMarine Collagen

November 07, 2021

hydrolyzed collagen peptides

The inspiration for DeepMarine Collagen came from a brilliant professor whose lifetime of research has focused on the profound health benefits offered by all types of peptides (there are many different types of peptides made from many different protein sources).

Our professor friend focused our attention on collagen peptides and explained how these special peptides bring pain relief to people with arthritis, improve the appearance and health of skin | hair | nails, reduce chronic inflammation, and help with skin problems like eczema. We were completely amazed.

The benefits were so compelling that we committed to bring collagen peptides to the public in Canada, and that was the beginning DeepMarine Collagen.

We were also deeply committed to being a company that brought real benefit to Canada's economy by manufacturing everything here and building Canadian jobs.

This drove us to build a totally Canadian-made, highly effective, sustainably-made marine collagen. We also offer compostable packaging options in our single-use sachets.

Our collagen is created to bring benefit to our customers - we use the highest quality of raw materials, sourced from fish, caught wild from cold, clean Atlantic waters to produce our ultra-small molecule hydrolyzed collagen.

Canada’s safety standards are among the highest in the world and we use only premium quality raw materials, sourced from the cold water of the North Atlantic Ocean.   Let us hit the highlights for you:

• We use only skin and scale from wild-caught North Atlantic Cod, Haddok and Pollock fish species

• Skin and scales are full of highly valuable collagen proteins, yet they are normally discarded by fish processors.  We use these skins in a sustainable manufacturing process called “up-cycling” and create a value-added, Canadian-made natural health product

• Our products exceed the strictest quality and safety standards in the world (Health Canada, EU, FDA and Japanese Pharmacopeia).  Each batch is tested by independent third-party laboratories for contaminants and heavy metals to ensure a pure, clean and safe collagen.

• We are bringing environmentally sound packaging choices to consumers – our single dose sachets are 100% compostable. Even our packaging is made right here in Canada.

As a Canadian owned and operated company, we believe in supporting our fellow local businesses.  We work from coast to coast to source our raw materials, manufacture and distribute our collagen to customers world-wide. 




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