Marine Collagen – Canadian Made and Sustainable

June 13, 2021

Made In Canada

If you read DeepMarine’s customer reviews you see how effective it is at reducing joint pain, improving the appearance of skin and making hair and nails stronger.  But also extremely important is that DeepMarine is entirely made in Canada using sustainable raw material sourcing practices.

DeepMarine’s Canadian-made collagen is widely sought after because we manufacture under Canada’s world-renowned safety standards, use premium quality raw materials, we “up-cycle” creating a value-added Canadian product, and our product is among the smallest molecule  available in North America.  

At DeepMarine we know that the quality of our product is dictated by the raw materials that we use.  We exclusively use skin and scale from fish that are caught wild in the cold, clean North Atlantic waters.  Making use of fish skins and scales works to support fisheries sustainability by making better use of the entire fish.  Skin and scales are full of highly-valuable proteins, yet they are normally discarded by the fish processors.  By using the entire fish, we work to better conserve this precious natural resource. 

Our collagen peptides are manufactured in Canada under the rigid processing regulations set by Health Canada and Canada’s Food Inspection Agency.   Our manufacturing utilizes highly specialized technologies that incorporate Canada’s pristine fresh water, non-chemical filtration and sophisticated temperature stages to achieve a completely natural, highly pure, ultra-bio-available, small-molecule collagen peptide powder.  The combination of our clean raw materials and safe manufacturing, results in a collagen supplement that meets the strictest quality and safety standards in the world.  Each batch is tested by independent third-party laboratories and they exceed the prescribed standards.

As a Canadian owned and operated company, we believe in supporting our fellow local businesses.  We work from coast to coast to source our raw materials, manufacture a high-quality product and distribute our collagen to customers world-wide.  With products that are made from start to finish in Canada, consumers can be confident that workers at every step benefit from the highest ethical employment standards and protection, and that Canada’s strict environmental regulations prevent associated industries from harming the environment during the course of operation.  DeepMarine Collagen provides consumers with a collagen choice that employs sustainable processes, ethical and socially responsible production and supports local economies.

Finally, in true Canadian spirit we are committed to prompt and personal customer service.  Our proudest moments are when we hear directly from our customers about how DeepMarine has changed their lives.  We stand by the quality of our product with a 100% money back guarantee.

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