November 26, 2018


 Living with arthritis completely changes the way you get through each day. Simple tasks become cumbersome and painful and many people give up activities they love because they become too difficult. If you know someone who suffers from arthritis, they may appreciate some of the following gadgets to make their lives easier.

Ergonomically designed gifts for people with arthritis

When arthritis affects hands, the pain and stiffness make simple tasks like opening jars and working on the computer problematic. Thanks to some clever designers, you can buy tools and gadgets that are specifically designed to help arthritis sufferers get on with their lives.

In the kitchen

The easiest way to see what’s available is to check online stores for items that help with the basics in the kitchen.

It’s easy to find ergonomically designed utensils such as large handled spoons, forks, and knives which can be bent to suit any angle for maximum comfort. There are also a number of special dishes like scooper plates which have high sides to help get food onto forks and spoons. Some also have suction cups at the bottom to keep them from sliding around.

Opening jars can be difficult but there are a couple of good options to help with this.  Jar openers make use of a lever to make twisting easier and Black and Decker even makes an electric opener called “Lids Off” that does the entire job automatically.

To minimize bending down, it’s useful to have a broom and dustpan set that features a long handle for the dustpan. Using the same principle, “reachers” come in a wide variety of lengths and configurations and allow you to pick items off the floor without bending down.

Personal Care

If buttons are an issue, try a button grip. It’s a small tool which threads through the button hole, grabs the button and pulls it through the hole. Shoes can be slipped on with extra-long shoe horns and even plastic aids that will help pull socks up and aid in taking them off again.

For the tech-savvy person with arthritis...

They might appreciate a vertical computer mouse. Instead of placing your hand in an unnatural position over a traditional mouse, a vertical mouse keeps the hand in a more natural handshake position, taking the strain off the wrists. There are also inclined keyboards that keep your wrists and hands in a downward position, making typing more comfortable. Risers help by changing wrist angles when typing; this creates a more comfortable computer experience.

More general tech control in your home might include voice recognition devices such as the Google Home. Instead of typing on a computer, Google Home allows for a certain level of verbal communication with the internet. You can ask Google to play music, put Netflix on the TV, make a phone call, play the news or even book flights, all with your voice.

Everyday Activities

Compression gloves make great gifts for people with arthritis. They are made from special fabric that puts pressure on the hands to reduce swelling and pain while providing control for your fingers. Some gloves even offer warming functions to further ease pain and discomfort.

Seatbelt tools can help people with hand and shoulder arthritis. There are special brackets that clip onto your seatbelt buckles to help keep them straight, as well as long-handled seatbelt grabbers that make it easier to pull the belt over your body from the side of the seat. You can also buy special aids which make releasing your seatbelt buckle much easier.

Gifts for painful backs, knees, and hips

For painful hips, back, or knees there are a number of wonderful gifts available to help your loved ones.

Swivel seats can be useful to avoid contorting to get out of a chair or car.  These swivel seats pivot you around, eliminating the twisting motion and reducing back strain.

If getting up out of chairs is painful, try these special cushions that can be placed on chair seats. They use small hydraulics to boost you out of your chair and make getting up on your feet much easier. You simply adjust the cushion for the weight of the person using it, and that controls the force of the hydraulic push up and out.

The ultimate gift for long-term pain relief

While the items above will assist with specific tasks, there are also natural products that can bring tremendous arthritis pain relief to the entire body.

 When our joints are working normally we can enjoy an active lifestyle without restrictions. But with wear and tear, or the onset of osteoarthritis, our joints begin to break down – the cartilage thins and deteriorates, bones rub against each other, and joints become inflamed and painful. The onset of joint pain causes us to limit our activity and change the way we live our lives.   Supplementing daily with marine collagen can help with this!

Marine Collagen is a strong anti-inflammatory which works to reduce joint pain and rebuild collagen in joint tissues.  Reducing pain while improving function and flexibility, allows those suffering from arthritis to return to active and healthy lifestyles.

DeepMarine is a 100% made-in-Canada collagen. By choosing made in Canada you are assured the highest quality of raw materials and production that meets the worlds strictest health and safety standards.

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