FAQ - Learn About Benefits of Deep Marine Collagen

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 DeepMarine dramatically reduces arthritic joint pain and stiffness by rejuvenating joint tissues and reducing joint inflammation; this increases strength and mobility.

DeepMarine’s Canadian Collagen improves skin appearance, reduces wrinkles, increases skin hydration and improves the health of hair and nails.

Collagen is one of the body’s most critical and abundant proteins. It’s the molecule that provides essential strength and structure in skin, organs, connective tissues and the musculoskeletal system. As we age our body’s natural collagen production declines. Supplementing with DM collagen helps to boost the body’s own ability to produce collagen, which improves the structural integrity of these connective tissues, bones, and skin.

No. Fish oil supplements are a source of Omega oils. DeepMarine Collagen provides you with bio-available peptides that promote new collagen growth and helps to reduce inflammation.

DeepMarine Collagen is odourless and tasteless.  Many people like to mix it in their favourite juice, smoothie, coffee, tea, yoghurt, or hot cereals.

Although collagen is a very safe product, the recommended use is for adults.

Collagen is highly safe and extremely well tolerated.  Our collagen is made from 100% fish skin and scale, and like any natural substance, it's possible to be allergic or sensitive to it.  Typically, an allergic reaction presents as a rash, or itchy skin. If this happens to you, discontinue use and consult a physician. Collagen is a pure protein and some people may find that large amounts of protein can cause slight gastrointestinal disturbances.

Collagen was first identified in 1930 and has been studied extensively by scientists for many decades. Collagen is regarded as a safe product to consume by Health Canada, the FDA and the World Health Organization.

DeepMarine is made entirely in Canada and uses only the scales and skins of wild-caught, fish from the North Atlantic waters.  Our Canadian manufacturing uses no chemicals and employs highly specialized technologies that incorporate Canada’s pristine fresh water and non-chemical filtration processes.  Our manufacturing facility is also strictly regulated by Health Canada and scrutinized by Canada's Food Inspection Agency.  This ensures that our collagen is ultra clean, highly pure and contains neither chemicals nor preservatives.

You can be certain that every batch of DeepMarine is 100% made in Canada under the world’s strictest quality control and production standards.

DeepMarine Collagen has one ingredient only which is pure hydrolyzed collagen made from the skin and scales of wild-caught fish. It is produced from start to finish in Canada and we do not use any fillers, chemicals or preservatives during manufacturing or in our finished product.  

DeepMarine’s Collagen delivers specific peptides to your body’s own fibroblast, osteoblast and epithelial cells – these are the cells that produce collagen in your tissues and bones.  These peptides help increase you own natural collagen synthesis so that your body is better able to repair and fortify soft tissues in your joints and gives skin greater strength and structure.

Each lot of DeepMarine collagen is rigorously tested by independent laboratories. Our testing validates the nutritional content, tests for heavy metals and microbiology standards. We ensure that our 100% natural collagen is safe for your daily consumption – Made in Canada | No chemicals | No preservatives | No Fillers or additives.

Measure 1 or 2 scoops of collagen into a dry glass. Ensure that you stir vigorously while you begin to pour juice, coffee or your favourite beverage into the powder. Adding powder first and stirring while pouring, helps to thoroughly dissolve the collagen and prevent it from clumping or sticking to the side of the glass.

Remember to make it part of a daily routine so that your body gets the greatest benefits. 

Most people take 5g (1 scoop) per day and see improvement in 3 to 6 weeks of daily use.  Some people with more severe conditions require 10g (2 scoops) daily to get maximum results.

Most people see improvement with 1-6 weeks of daily use however others need 4-12 weeks of daily use before symptoms are relieved. Those with severe symptoms may find that 10g (2 scoops) daily works best until symptoms are relieved. At this time a maintenance dose of 5g daily is sufficient. Check out our customer reviews to hear directly from other DeepMarine users.

When taking 5g/day, the 150g container will last for one month and the 300g tub will last 2 months. 

All marine collagens would be categorized as type 1, but you might
want to know more about how your body actually produces all of the 28 various types of collagen that it requires.

Type 1 collagen represents more than 90% of the collagen that your
body produces.  However, it’s very important to know that you don’t need to try to consume the different collagen types.  Some companies market their collagen by promoting it as type I, II or III, but we do not need to consume 28 different types of collagen.  This is entirely a marketing tactic of some companies.

Your body’s special collagen producing cells have the job of
producing all of the various types of collagen that you need.  Let me give
you an example.  Your body’s soft tissues have special cells called
fibroblast cells and they have the function of producing collagen for those soft tissues.  Your bones have osteoblast cells that produce the collagen that is used to build bone tissue density.  Your body has cells that produce all of the different types of collagen that you need.

Collagen supplements are actually collagen proteins that have been
broken down into tiny pieces called peptides.  The peptides that are in
our collagen supplement, are like a food for all of those special cells and it helps all of your body’s collagen-producing cells to increase the production of all types of collagen.  So, as long as you take a high-quality, easily absorbed collagen peptide supplement, your body will produce more than 28
different types of collagen that it needs.