Why Marine Collagen builds Stronger Hair and Fingernails

April 03, 2023

Why Marine Collagen builds Stronger Hair and Fingernails

Many people say that they bought collagen to reduce their joint pain and, after about a month, were amazed at how it also made their hair healthier and their fingernails became super strong too. 

People always want to know how DeepMarine collagen improves the appearance, strength and health of hair and nails, so let’s walk through the way that works.

Let’s start by thinking about where our hair and nails begin to grow - Both hair follicles and the nail root or beds are located in the skin’s dermal layer. 

The follicle and the nail root are starting points for hair and nail growth and the surrounding dermal tissue is what provide the necessary nourishment and hormones to initiate growth.  Given that, you can imagine how the health of the skin’s dermis has a profound influence on the health and function of both the hair follicle and the nail root. 

Collagen and the Skin’s Dermis

Marine collagen supplements assist your body to produce more collagen in the skin’s dermal layer.  More collagen strands in the dermis means stronger and more robust skin tissues and this has a beneficial effect on the skin’s appearance.  Marine collagen also enhances skin cell health and integrity which allows skin cells to retain moisture better.  But it also does more.  Marine collagen supplements have a high content of the amino acid arginine which plays a critical role in improving circulation and supplying nutrients to the dermis.  All of these elements combined, gives us that noticeable improvement in the health and appearance of our skin.

Collagen Helps Finger Nails

As described above, DeepMarine builds better nutrient flow to the dermis and also better nutrient flow to nail bed.  When the nail bed receives more nutrition it promotes an increase in the growth of strong and healthy nails.  The nail bed relies on the nutrients delivered via blood circulation in the dermis to keep the nail in good health.  

A study in the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health found that participants supplementing with collagen peptides showed a 12% increase in nail growth rate and a decrease of 42% in the frequency of broken nails. Two thirds of participants reported a reduction in brittle nails and almost 90% continued to show improvement 4 weeks after they stopped taking collagen peptides.

Collagen Helps Hair

Like nail beds, hair follicles are also rooted in the skin’s dermal layer and rely on healthy blood supply to provide a nutrient-rich, strong and healthy environment.  DeepMarine’s collagen peptides work to enhance blood flows and build higher levels of collagen in the dermis around the hair follicles.  Improved nutrient delivery to the area surrounding the follicles makes follicles healthier and improves the strength, hydration and appearance of hair.

Furthermore, many of the age-related changes that occur in our bodies are caused by the destructive action of free radicals in our body. Research has shown that free radicals can damage hair follicles resulting in hair loss, thinning and hair damage.  Collagen is a well-studied antioxidant with the ability to neutralize free radicals. This action combined with a more nutrient-rich dermal environment, is thought to have a protective effect on the hair follicle and improve the look, health and thickness of hair.

Collagen Peptides also supply our bodies with the amino acids necessary to make Keratin, the main structural protein in hair and nails.

DeepMarine’s collagen peptides bring noticeable improvements to your hair and nails.

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