Want Relief from Eczema? Try Canadian Marine Collagen

October 17, 2020

DeepMarine marine collagen heals eczema

Itchy, red, and painful skin is the typical state of an inflammatory skin disease known as eczema. 

Eczema is actually a form of dermatitis and it’s an extremely common and painful inflammatory condition to live with.  Although eczema is one of the most common dermatological conditions, traditional treatments like topical steroids provide very limited relief and often come with unwanted side effects.    

The root feature of eczema is skin Inflammation.  Inflammation is the immune system’s reaction to harmful or aggravating stimuli.  The immune system is often in a chronically overactive state because the irritant is frequently almost impossible to identify.   Eczema can be caused by things we eat, a genetic predisposition, chemical compounds in our environment, cleaning supplies, detergents, fragrances, pollen, moulds – the list goes on and on.   

Many eczema sufferers are unintentionally in regular contact with an irritant or allergen and their immune system is in a chronic state of inflammatory activity.  The result is excessive skin inflammation that is constantly irritated, dry, itchy, and painful.

Healing Skin with Canadian Marine Collagen 

While most collagens are imported, DeepMarine’s Canadian-made collagen is produced entirely in Canada to ensure the highest purity and efficacy.  It works in a number of ways to calm eczema, stop the itching and help skin to heal:

  • Reducing Inflammation. DeepMarine is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent which calms the body’s overactive immune response.   When there’s chronic inflammation, DeepMarine will help to reduce the levels of inflammatory cytokines (the signaling molecules that trigger inflammation).  By calming the immune response, inflammation is reduced in skin cells, itchiness is rekieved and sores are allowed to heal.
  • Reducing Free Radicals. Free radicals are by-products generated as part of the body’s normal metabolic function.  But an overabundance of free radicals, cause damage to skin cells.  DeepMarine Collagen is a strong antioxidant which neutralizes free radicals and protects cells from the damage of oxidative stress that can take place.  This helps to heal wounds and return skin to a healthy state.
  • Preventing Moisture Loss. Supplementing with DeepMarine increases the collagen density in the skin’s dermal layer.  Skin is about 72% collagen and collagen is what gives skin it’s healthy tone, strength, density and structure.  When the dermal layer is rich in collagen, it makes the cell structure healthier and more robust.  Healthier strong cells are better able to retain moisture which means skin is more hydrated, supple and healthy.

DeepMarine is a Small-Molecule Marine Collagen

DeepMarine Collagen molecules are 2-5 times smaller than other collagens on the market today.  At 1,500 Daltons, our collagen molecules are extremely easy for your body to absorb, which translates to more dramatic results in healing inflammatory skin conditions.  Greater collagen absorbability means a more rapid calming of the skin’s inflammation, dramatic reduction in itching and rapid healing of red and painful skin sores.

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