Marine Collagen Improves Hair Health And Hydrates Skin

July 17, 2021

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April has been called the cruelest month, but I don’t buy it. February, with the cold dry air of winter dragging on and on seems a likelier candidate. Do you know the feeling? Like, it’s been cold forever, the sky is always grey, and your skin and hair feel dry and brittle.

Temporarily soothing your skin with your favorite moisturizer is an option, but relief is always so fleeting.  And what about your dry, fly-away hair? Aside from hiding it under a toque 24/7, what are you going to do? One option is to whip up a nutritional hair mask. There are some great natural options on the internet for weather-weary skin and hair - made with nourishing ingredients like bananas, avocado, and honey, to name a few. Those can nourish and moisturize from the outside, but what about dealing with the problem at a more meaningful level…

How To Improve Skin and Hair

Skin and hair health are more of an inside job if you know what I mean. And that’s where DeepMarine has got you covered.

Aside from the cold months, both aging and some health issues can trigger changes in your skin and hair health. Poor nutrition, stress, natural hormonal changes, thyroid issues, and some medications can all cause changes and drying skin as well as a reduction in hair growth, thinning or cause it to be brittle.

And as for hair loss, some common causes include anemia, thyroid issues, infections, and autoimmune diseases. If you do notice unusual hair loss, or new symptoms, you should always talk to your doctor about your health.

But you can still build healthy, hydrated skin AND pump up the shine, growth, and volume on your dry or brittle hair with a high-quality marine collagen supplement.

Here’s how it works. Your hair, and the skin around it, are made up of critical structural proteins.  Collagen is the structural protein that makes up most of the lower layer of your skin called the dermal layer.   As the skin’s main structural protein, collagen plays a key role in the health and integrity of skin cells.  When the cells are weak and friable, moisture is lost and your skin weakens and loses tone and texture.  Enhancing collagen levels in the dermal layer helps to improve and strengthen cellular and tissue structures for greater ability to retain moisture keeping skin cells plump and healthy. 

Moreover, your skin’s dermal layer is actually home to a large part of every hair follicle on your head. So technically, your hair follicles are supported all around by collagen. That dermal layer of skin also grows hair, circulates blood, gives the skin of the scalp structure, and produces the oil (sebum) that keeps your hair moisturized. With all that in its job description, you can imagine collagen is pretty important for your dermis. And your dermis is pretty important for your hair.

When our collagen production slows down due to aging, or when the stress hormone cortisol degrades it, our connective tissues, our gut, and our hair and skin are affected.  It almost feels like we are drying out as we age. Joints can also stiffen, we can suffer gastrointestinal upset, and our hair can become dry, brittle, or fall out.

A scoop or two of DeepMarine Collagen per day can help your hair grow stronger, improve elasticity, and help keep it moisturized.  Some people who normally take 1 scoop in the summer, like to take 2 scoops in the winter to combat harsh weather conditions.

And to really fight off the winter blues, try it in a steaming mug of hot cocoa!

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