How Does Marine Collagen Improve Hair?

March 07, 2024

how does marine collagen improve hair

How Does Marine Collagen Improve Hair?

Although collagen is primarily known for arthritic pain relief and bringing younger looking skin, many people also notice that their hair gets a big bump in appearance and health when they take marine collagen.

There isn’t a lot of research on this topic but there are a number of concepts that do support the claims that many collagen-consumers talk about after taking high-quality marine collagen. So, let’s take a look at some of the possible reasons why.

Certain Amino Acids Build Hair

Most people know that hair is primarily made up of the protein keratin. In the production of keratin, your body requires a few specific amino acids that are abundant in marine collagen. Among many other amino acids, collagen is abundant in proline, and proline is also the main component of keratin. Therefore, consuming proline-rich collagen is likely to provide your body with the building blocks it needs to create more keratin and build healthier hair.

Fighting Hair Follicle Damage

The process of oxidation in the body is when cell membranes, cell proteins, lipids and DNA are damaged by unstable molecules called “free radicals”. Free radicles develop in the body from air pollutants, smoking, poor dietary choices, alcohol, and other environmental influences. Free radicles damage healthy cell and hair follicles are among the entities that are harmed. When the integrity of hair follicles is impaired, hair begins to thin, dry and fall out.

Antioxidants are natural molecules that help neutralize harmful free radicals in our bodies. Small molecule, hydrolized marine collagen has been found to be an effective antioxidant because of its ability to donate an electron or hydrogen to stabilize radicals. Collagen can help delay or inhibit the oxidation of the cells in hair follicles and create a healthier environment for strong hair growth.

Improves Dermis Health Where the Follicle is located

By supplementing with collagen peptides, we enhance the collagen levels in our skin - collagen makes up 70% of the skin’s dermis which helps with skin elasticity and strength. A healthy and strong dermal layer means the tissue environment around the hair follicle is healthy and robust and may result in healthier and more robust hair growth.

It's important to remember that a decline in hair health isn’t just for the reasons described above and can be caused by many different factors including hormonal imbalances and genetically inherited blading. Collagen won’t necessarily help with all the root causes of hair deterioration and loss so it should not be seen as a sliver bullet. But in many circumstances collagen does help significantly to fortify hair follicles, improve follicle health and function.

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