Hate Exercising? It Doesn't Have To Stop You From Moving

August 03, 2020

DeepMarine Collagen woman tired of exercising

It may not be exercise that you necessarily hate, but traditional calisthenics that you remember from school. Push-ups, sit-ups, and running may not be your thing, but it doesn’t mean you don’t have ample opportunity to get fit. If exercise feels more like a chore than something you love, we’ve got some great ideas to shake things up.

Before jumping in, let’s look at a couple of the reasons you may have difficulty getting started.

  • Has exercise become a mundane task with no reward?
  • Did you feel like you were in a losing battle?
  • Did you tie it to a diet and it didn’t go well last time?
  • Are you self-conscious about working out in front of other people?

Sometimes putting a different spin on your circumstance can make a world of difference. If the idea of a crowded gym is a turn off, you might enjoy the one-on-one experience with a personal trainer.

When you work out, it not only helps your body get moving, your circulation flowing, and makes your heart, lungs, and muscles stronger, but it’s also a natural mood lifter. If you’ve been in a funk, giving yourself a fun routine may be a ticket to a happier, healthier, more satisfying day.

Get Your Mind on Board with a Can-Do Mindset

When you’re engaged in an activity and having fun, you forget about time, and sometimes even the extra work you’re putting in. Think about a walk on the beach if you haven’t been in a while. The uneven sand has you working your balance, as well as your muscles, but you probably didn’t mind because you were happy to be at the beach. By creating positive connections to activity, you can learn to look forward to getting extra movement in.

Did you ever break into a little dance in the kitchen when a great song came on? You were probably singing along and having a blast, right? Why not turn some tunes on you love and bop around the house for a while? Or better yet, grab a couple of friends and hit the town. Dancing is a great way to burn calories and get your heart pumping.

Go for a walk and scroll to a favorite podcast for “me” time. It’s the perfect opportunity to indulge in a good audio book, a funny podcast, or even an online learning experience.  Make it a reward, so that you can only listen to that cherished show when you’re out for a walk.

Head to the park with family. Play a game, jump rope, grab a hula hoop, or go swimming at the lake. You’ll be more inclined to get the exercise in when you do it together. Plan something fun and different each weekend. Make it a game to try something new.

Do you love to garden? Fresh air is great for your lungs, and so are the bends and lunges you’re doing while weeding and cleaning up the yard.

If you love team sports but can no longer play due to COVID, consider games that make it easy to social distance like pickle ball, tennis, badminton.  Gather your cohort for a fun game of volley ball or morning at the golf course. 

Make it a challenge. How about adding a 5K to your plans, or if you’ve done one, move up to a half-marathon? You can challenge yourself to get a little stronger and go a little farther each time you work out. The achievement of crossing that finish line is the type of feeling nobody can take away from you.

Even Small Changes Can Make a Big Impact

Small changes can often make a bigger impact than you realize. Let’s take smoking for example, did you know according to the American Lung Association12-24 hours after quitting, you’ve already reduced the risk of heart attack and lowered the carbon monoxide levels in your blood? And in only a few weeks, your lung function starts to improve? After 1 full year of quitting, they say, “Your added risk of coronary heart disease is half that of a smoker's.”

And did you know that collagen plays a big role in your joint health? It’s true. It’s an important element in everything from your tendons to your ligaments, and even your cartilage. The problem is that once we pass our thirties, are bodies have slowed down the production of collagen. By returning collagen to your body, you can help your joint health.

DeepMarine Collagen is 100% natural and a great opportunity to add more collagen to your life. This collagen not only helps with joint mobility as we age, but also helps fire up the collagen-producing cells located in cartilage which over time will help reduce pain and inflammation.

See, even small things can make a big difference. Ready to get started? Make your exercise routine fun. It won’t feel like a work-out, but instead will feel like a reward.

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