Good Balance for the Win: Why Both Brain and Body Matter

October 15, 2023

Good Balance for the Win: Why Both Brain and Body Matter

Even though slips, trips, and falls can be funny in a comedy show, they are no laughing matter in the real world, especially as you age. A fall can lead to serious injuries, such as a fractured hip, leg, or wrist. While you might naturally associate good balance with a strong body core or nimble feet, there's another essential player in the game: your mind.

Why Mental Fitness Matters

Just like a computer, your brain is constantly processing tons of information to help you navigate your surroundings. Whether you are thinking about walking through a crowded room or hopping over a puddle, it's not just your feet that are doing the work. Your brain plays a significant role in planning those movements, reacting to sudden changes, and ensuring you stay upright.

You might ask, "How does this work?" Several systems work in tandem. Your inner ear helps you detect changes in your head's position. You have a fantastic sensory system that lets you feel the ground under your feet and your position in space. And, of course, your eyes scout ahead for any obstacles. It's your brain's job to make sense of all this data, plan your next move, and then execute it. As you age, staying mentally sharp becomes even more crucial for maintaining balance. Engaging in activities that challenge your brain can keep you nimble, both in thought and step

Body and Mind Exercises: Enter Tai Chi

Ever heard of tai chi? (say “tie-CHEE”) It's not just a cool martial art seen in movies, but tai chi is an ancient exercise form that gently moves you through a series of poses and plays a dual role in strengthening both the mind and body. The beauty of tai chi is its emphasis on deliberate, conscious movements. When practicing tai chi, you become keenly aware of how each movement feels, which trains your brain and body to work in harmony. 

And if tai chi isn't your cup of tea, there's qi gong (say “chee-GONG”), a related exercise system. Not into either? No worries. Simple daily exercises, like standing on one foot for 30 seconds to a minute and then switching to the other, can be just as effective. You can also level-up and try to balance on one foot with your eyes closed; truly much hard for many than it sounds. Be very sure to have something sturdy nearby to grab onto, in case you lose your balance. 

Yoga is also a very popular activity that has excellent benefits.  The poses build balance and strength and the breathing exercises bring tranquility and mental relaxation. 

The Power Play

Having good balance is essential, but what if you do lose your footing? That's where power comes in. No, not the superhero kind, but muscle power. Think of power as the burst of energy a dancer uses to zip across the dance floor with those speedy turns and steps. This ability to exert force quickly can help you recover if you are about to trip. To develop power, you might want to consider exercises that require a quick force, like hopping or side-stepping. If you're new to this, joining a class or working with an experienced trainer can be very beneficial.  These movements take practice and repetition so don’t be discouraged if you aren’t feeling confident when you first begin.  Go at a pace that feels right and build up your skills over time.

Finding Your Balance 

In essence, balance isn't just about having strong legs or a sturdy core, though those definitely help. Balance is a combination of physical and mental fitness. While you're practicing your squats or yoga poses, don't forget to give your brain a workout too. Whether it's tai chi, puzzles, or simply being more mindful of your movements, keeping your mind active is a key piece of the balance puzzle.

So, next time you're walking in a crowded area or dancing the night away, remember that it's not just your feet that are keeping you upright. Your mind is hard at work, making sure you navigate the world with grace and balance. Cheers to staying on your feet!

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