January 15, 2019


You’ve got your workout routine down to a science, protein and weights for your muscles, aerobic exercise for your cardiovascular, water for hydration and music for motivation.  Many people use collagen for weight loss, skin health, and several other reasons. But, have you thought about your connective tissues?

You don’t hear much about your connective tissues; that is, until you’ve injured one of them. But your joints, ligaments, and tendons are working out with you every day along with your muscles, giving you mobility, padding between bones, and basically holding it all together for you. Intense exercise puts a strain on your connective tissues, and they need support and healing as much as your muscles do. Especially as you age when your connective tissues weaken and begin to stiffen.

What can you do? You can help strengthen and support your connective tissues and joints by adding high quality marine collagen to your workout routine. You’ve probably heard about protein supplements for building muscles. Well DeepMarine collagen is a peptide that targets your connective tissues to support them during your workout and after, when your muscles and tissues are recovering.  

So How Does DeepMarine Collagen Help?

Develops Stronger Bones and Cartilage

Collagen is a huge component of bone mass and cartilage tissue. Supplementing with marine collagen helps your body’s own mechanism for forming bone tissue (osteoblast cells), when you supplement with a DM collagen the result is an increase in your bone mineral density.  This makes your bones stronger, more flexible and sturdier. It also feeds the cells in your cartilage that produce collagen (your fibroblast cells); the outcome is a higher density of collagen in your cartilage for greater durability.   Stronger bones and more resilient/durable cartilage mean less joint pain and increased mobility.

Fights Inflammation

The strain that exercise puts on your connective tissues causes an inflammation response as your body works to repair the damage. Intense exercise such as heavy lifting and long-distance running are especially hard on your connective tissues.  Collagen is a natural and effective anti-inflammatory agent that brings down swelling and relieves pain while helping your connective tissues by working to fortify and strengthen them at the same time. Supplementing with collagen helps your body repair those damaged, inflamed tissues faster, so you can be back on your feet sooner.

Supports Ligament Tissues

You probably know that your muscles respond to your workout by repairing and growing.  Ligaments are also extremely important as they connect one bone to another and also hold our joints in the correct positions.  They are tough, flexible and fibrous and they need to be in top shape to support the load that is put on muscles when working out.  Marine collagen supports ligament health by helping that tissue stay strong and resilient.

Helps Maintain Muscle Mass and Improve Performance

Collagen contains an amino acid called arginine. In your body, arginine changes into nitric oxide which helps your blood vessels relax thereby improving circulation. Increased circulation means more oxygen to your muscles, which helps your body repair and build more. Collagen peptides might also help synthesize creatine, which can increase body mass and decrease your percentage of body fat.

Supporting your connective tissues helps you avoid the pain and mobility issues that come with damaged tissues. DeepMarine’s Canadian collagen is the high-quality marine collagen of choice for people who are active and want to remain healthy. One to two scoops per day in your soup or smoothie can help keep you, and your connective tissues, running smoothly.

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