10 Tips for Stronger Bones

October 27, 2023

collagen the primary protein in bones

When it comes to health, sturdy bones are as essential as a robust heart or clear lungs. As humans grow, minerals like calcium make our bones stronger, reaching peak strength around 30. After this, maintaining this strength is vital, otherwise, you risk having fragile bones prone to fractures.

So, how can you ensure your bones stay tough? Here's a roundup of ten easy-to-follow, natural steps: 

1 - Veg Out for Strong Bones -Yes, vegetables aren’t just for keeping your waistline in check. They're abundant in vitamin C, vital for bone-forming cells. More than that, certain veggies, especially green and yellow ones, play a pivotal role in enhancing bone density - especially beneficial for children and the elderly. 

2 - Get Moving with Weight Exercises -When it comes to bones, they thrive on challenge! Weight-bearing exercises like jogging, walking, or lifting weights help form new bone tissue, enhancing overall bone strength. Whether you're young or old, these exercises are a boon for bones. 

3 - Pack in the Protein - Did you know that half of your bone structure is made of protein? Consuming adequate protein can bolster calcium absorption, ensuring bones get the minerals they need. Plus, for the elderly, a protein-rich diet can lead to better bone density.

4 - Say Yes to Calcium, Naturally -You often hear about calcium for bones. As bones continuously rejuvenate, daily calcium intake becomes crucial. Aim for natural sources of calcium in your meals, like cheese or green leafy vegetables, rather than pills.

5 - Get Your Sunshine Vitamin D and K2 -  Both Vitamin D and K play starring roles in bone health. While Vitamin D aids in calcium absorption, Vitamin K2 ensures that calcium effectively binds inside the bones. To ensure you're getting enough Vitamin D, try catching some sunlight or eat fatty fish.

6 - Keep Those Calories Coming -Maintaining a balanced intake of calories is vital for bone health. Extremely low-calorie diets can reduce bone density. So, ensure your diet is wholesome and well-rounded.

7 - Think about Collagen Supplementation Early -Research indicates that collagen, the primary protein in your bones, might well aid in bone health. A supplement such as our high quality DeepMarine Collagen powder, is highly bioavailable, meaning DeepMarine collagen is  able to be absorbed much more efficiently than many other types of collagen. 

8 -  Maintain a Consistent Weight - Does your weight fluctuate up and down? This might not be the best for your bones. Consistency is vital. Being underweight or overweight can have implications on bone health, so finding and maintaining a stable weight is the way to go.

9 -  Zinc & Magnesium: The Unsung Heroes -Calcium often steals the limelight, but let's not forget about magnesium and zinc. They play critical roles in bone health too. While magnesium aids in the absorption of Vitamin D, zinc is vital for the mineral part of bones. You can find these in foods like spinach, beef, and seeds.

10 - Omega-3 Fats are Your Friends -These fatty acids are not just great for the heart; they're vital for your bones too. Balancing your diet with a good ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fats can be beneficial. Some plant sources rich in omega-3 include chia seeds and flaxseeds.

Your bone health journey is an ongoing one. While it's crucial during a person’s growing years, bone health remains equally important, if not more so, as you age. After all, sturdy bones form the framework of your body. By incorporating these ten simple tips into your daily life, you are not just making a commitment to your bones but to your overall health. So, step forward with confidence, knowing you’re building a stronger, healthier future!

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