DeepMarine Subscription Fees and Cancellation Policy (Terms) 

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept credit card and Paypal. 
Subscription Fees
Credit card holder's account is automatically charged on the same date as the original transaction every other month if you have chosen the Plan 1 subscription and on the same date of every month if you have chosen the Plan 2 subscription. For example:
If your 5g - 60 day supply subscription original purchase date is January 15, 2018 the renewal will be March 15th, 2018
If your 10g - 30 day supply subscription original purchase date is January 15, 2018 the renewal will be February 15th, 2018
We reserve the right to terminate any subscription if we are unable to process the payment associated with that subscription based on inaccurate, outdated or cancelled credit card or payment information.
After giving a 30 calendar-days notice, Sollora Peptides has the right to increase product prices/subscription fees which would come into effect on all existing subscriptions as soon as the notice period is over. 
Can I switch subscriptions?
Yes, you can switch subscriptions at anytime.
Please note, when you upgrade or downgrade your subscription, you will still need to cancel out your previous recurring subscription to prevent any double billing.
To avoid double billing, please make sure your previous subscription was canceled.

Lifetime subscription Rates
Many of our original customers enjoy lower grandfathered subscription rates.
If a customer with a grandfathered rate cancels their subscription and then later wants to restart a subscription, that customer will need to set up a new subscription at current prices.
If a client with a grandfathered rate wishes to switch subscription plans they will be eligible to make changes to their subscription plan at the grandfathered rate which was given at the time of their original purchase. 

Cancelling Account
Cancelations must be made at least 7 days in advance of your regular billing date for successful cancelation. For example:
If your regular billing date is the 8th of each month, you must cancel your subscription on or before the 1st of that month.
If your subscription is canceled less than fifteen days before your regular billing date the cancelation will take effect in the following month.
First time subscription orders are processed immediately after the order is placed. The first order can therefore not be cancelled. Please refer to our return policy for information about returns.
To ensure the fastest delivery service to customers, your completed order is immediately received by our warehouse. It is therefore not possible to cancel a single box order. Please refer to our return policy for information about returns. 
You can cancel your subscription from your account profile page. 

The only method for canceling your Plan is via the Cancel My Subscription Link provided when you login to My Account on the website. Subscription cancelation CAN NOT be sent to Sollora Peptides by e-mail or phone or any other form of communication. A cancellation must be done by logging into your account on our webpage. 

When your account has been cancelled, you will receive an automatically generated email confirmation that you have successfully cancelled your subscription.
Sollora Peptides is not responsible for continued subscriptions should a client forget to cancel their account. It is the customer’s responsibility to confirm the cancellation.
Email us at if you have any questions or issues cancelling