Subscription: 300 grams – For Overall Skin & Joint Health

Price:$130.00 $110.00 every 2 months
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For this programme, you are billed once every TWO months when the box is sent out.
Buy DeepMarine collagen to improve mild to moderate conditions
  • Osteoarthritis
  • knee & lower back pain
  • Other related conditions
This box will last you 60 days when taking a 5g daily dose which is equivalent to only $55 per month.
DOSE = Take 1 scoop (5G) daily

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Advanced, Natural, Wild-Caught, 100% Pure

  • Improves joint pain caused by moderate to severe osteoarthritis
  • Noticeable improvements in just 2-3 weeks with daily use
  • Improve overall health & well being
  • Stop pain & discomfort

Other Client Reported Benefits

  • Relief from joint & back pain related to osteoarthritis
  • Improvement in the appearance of skin
  • Helps repair tendon and ligament injury

Stay Pain-Free From Mild To Moderate Osteoarthritis Conditions With DeepMarine

No other collagen product gives you results like DeepMarine. The ultra-small molecule size and distinctive amino acid sequence, means better absorption and more dramatic results.

Additional information

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Dimensions 177.8 x 127 x 228.6 mm
Monthly Subscription

DON’T TAKE IF YOU ARE ALLERGIC TO FISH. 100% Hydrolyzed (Fish scale) collagen
(Adult only): Mix one scoop each day into a 30-50ml beverage or food. If condition is severe take 2 scoops daily until relief is achieved.
Helps with the formation of collagen, maintenance of good health, reduces joint pain associated with osteoarthritis and improves the appearance of skin.
Use for a minimum of 5 months to see beneficial effects.
DON’T TAKE IF YOU ARE ALLERGIC TO FISH. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, consult a health care practitioner prior to use. If you have liver or kidney disease or if you have been instructed to follow a low protein diet, consult a health care practitioner prior to use. May cause mild gastrointestinal disturbances. If you experience any adverse effects discontinue use and consult your physician.
Store in a cool dry place, TIGHTLY sealed. Avoid exposure to heat and moisture. Protect from light.

HEALTH CANADA ISSUED NATURAL HEALTH PRODUCT # 80078709 These statements have not been evaluated by the U.S Food and Drug


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    I’ve had severe skin Lupus for a few years now. I had open, painful sores on my skin, lips, face and the top of my head. The top of my head was raw and very painful, to the point where my hair fell out. I’ve gone to different dermatologists and tried many medications, which have done nothing for me. It was very difficult to work since my job is outdoors under the sun. My niece’s recommended DeepMarine to me, and after under 2 weeks, my sores were almost completely healed and my hair started to grow again.

    • Hello Donald, We are delighted to hear that DeepMarine has healed your skin Lupus sores. Collagen is an abundant protein found throughout your body, including your skin. Supplementing with DeepMarine Collagen can definitely improve the appearance of skin. Thank you for reaching out to us.

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    I have suffered with a severe… Stasis Dermatitis for many years… my foot and leg become extremely itchy with red scaly patches and open sores… my daughter recommended that I try Deep Marine Collagen because it helps rejuvenate the skin. After using the collagen for one week my itchiness has resolved, the open sores have closed and the scaly skin disappeared. The results from Deep Marine Collagen are truly miraculous. I would recommend this product to anyone searching to resolve a skin condition.

    • Hi Ina, we are very happy to hear how DeepMarine has helped to heal your skin affected by stasis dermatitis. Stasis Dermatitis produces extremely itchy and scaly open sores in areas with low blood circulation. People with varicose veins often develop this type of dermatitis. We are glad you have found relief from using DeepMarine.

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    I have been taking 1 tablespoon of Deep Marine once a day for the last month. I was looking for something that would help with my skin. I’m almost 60 and for years I have not left the house without putting on foundation. My skin tone was uneven and I wished I didn’t have to worry about putting on foundation and makeup everyday. However, it didn’t take long for me to see some differences and not just with my skin. I noticed a difference in my sleep patterns in about 2-2.5 weeks. I normally wake up every night around 2:00 am and then again at 5:00am. Now I don’t wake up until 5:30am to start my day. I get a better night’s sleep. After a couple of weeks of taking Deep Marine I thought my skin was looking better, took a big step and I stopped wearing foundation. I wasn’t sure if it was all in my head because I really wanted it to work but the confirmation was when a co-worker recently told me that she thought I looked good. She said, “It looks like you are getting younger.” I look forward to the new benefits I’m sure I’ll see with Deep Marine.

    • Patricia, we have had many people tell us they sleep better since they started taking DeepMarine collagen. We are pleased to hear that you are also loving our collagen.

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    I have tried pretty much everything under the sun to help with my Eczema. I have been using Deep Marine Collagen for less than a month and the results are astonishing. Not only has my skin cleared up, my face is no longer covered in small flaky pieces of dry skin, and I’ve completely stopped taking an antihistamine at night as it has taken the itch out of my skin. I am so thrilled with the results in such a short amount of time, I am excited to see the long term results as I continue to use Deep Marine Collagen.

    • Hi Reagan, We are so excited for you. We frequently hear from other eczema sufferers about how unbearable it is to live with itchy skin. We, at DeepMarine are very pleased to hear how our collagen is making a difference in your life.

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    I am 87 years old and a few months ago I developed a horribly painful and itchy rash on my arms and shoulders that the doctors could not diagnose. I was seen by a few doctors and they prescribed a cortisone cream that made the rash worse and made my skin burn. The doctors had no other treatment for me so I continued to suffer for months with this itchy rash and could barely sleep because of it. Once I started taking 2 tablespoons a day of Deep Marine collagen the itchiness disappeared in 1 week and the sores began to heal. I have now been taking the collagen for 4 ½ weeks and the itch is still gone. The only thing that is left is some redness which is getting better every day.

    • Peter, we are very pleased to hear of the tremendous benefits you have seen since beginning DeepMarine collagen. We have had other customers that also experienced terrible side effects from steroid creams and then found welcome healing responses by using DeepMarine collagen.

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