Collagen stops the itch content

If the itch-scratch cycle is a part of your life then you are probably all too familiar with eczema, psoriasis or one of many types of dermatitis. Unfortunately, you may also be familiar with a closet full of long-sleeved loose-fitting clothes to cover up painful blemishes and scabs, waking up with bloody fingernails, and feeling like you are going mad with the urge to scratch. The incessant itch of eczema, psoriasis and atopic or stasis dermatitis is often described as the worst symptom associated with these skin diseases because you can't stop itching.stop itching


These skin diseases all involve inflammation of the skin which causes the skin to become irritated and dry. The inflammation occurs in the outer-most layer of our skin (the epidermis) which, under normal conditions, is responsible for locking in moisture and protecting underlying tissues from a host of irritants. The epidermis has a network of neurons that receive signals from dry and inflamed skin and the neurons translate those signals into the agonizing sensation of itchy skin.


Inflammation and scratching leads to skin sores and wounds. Once the skin barrier has been broken the cells lose moisture and can form scaly or scabbed skin over affected areas on your body. This breaking and drying of the skin creates exposed tissues which are then further affected by external irritants such as soap, chemicals, sweat and even clothing. You can see how this downward spiral begins and, once started, it goes on to affect nerve endings even deeper in the epidermis.


DeepMarine’s small-molecule, marine collagen works from the inside out. It calms the skin’s tendency to overreact to external stimuli. This calming effect prevents the skin’s inflammation and nips the terrible itch-scratch cycle in the bud. By calming and controlling the inflammation, DeepMarine ensures those pesky itch-receptor neurons are no longer stimulated – voila – no itching. DeepMarine also enhances the skin’s strength and structure so that it’s healthier and less susceptible to irritation by common external stimuli. As an added bonus, DeepMarine also leaves your skin looking healthier and younger; all of this leaves you happy and itch free.