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Ina T. 

dermatitis DeepMarine Reviews

"I have suffered with a severe… Stasis Dermatitis for many years… my foot and leg become extremely itchy with red scaly patches and open sores… my daughter recommended that I try Deep Marine Collagen because it helps rejuvenate the skin.  After using the collagen for one week my itchiness has resolved, the open sores have closed and the scaly skin disappeared.  The results from Deep Marine Collagen are truly miraculous.  I would recommend this product to anyone searching to resolve a skin condition."

Peter C.

Itchy skin dermatitis DeepMarine Reviews

"I am 87 years old and a few months ago I developed a horribly painful and itchy rash on my arms and shoulders that the doctors could not diagnose. I was seen by a few doctors and they prescribed a cortisone cream that made the rash worse and made my skin burn. The doctors had no other treatment for me so I continued to suffer for months with this itchy rash and could barely sleep because of it. Once I started taking 2 tablespoons a day of Deep Marine collagen the itchiness disappeared in 1 week and the sores began to heal. I have now been taking the collagen for 4 ½ weeks and the itch is still gone. The only thing that is left is some redness which is getting better every day. "

Reagan P.  

Eczema dermatitis DeepMarine Reviews

"I have tried pretty much everything under the sun to help with my Eczema. I have been using 2 tablespoons daily of Deep Marine Collagen for less than a month and the results are astonishing. Not only has my skin cleared up, my face is no longer covered in small flaky pieces of dry skin, and I've completely stopped taking an antihistamine at night as it has taken the itch out of my skin. I am so thrilled with the results in such a short amount of time, I am excited to see the long term results as I continue to use Deep Marine Collagen."

Tara W.

"I am a professional dancer and last year I suffered a knee injury to my meniscus and MCL. This left me unable to fully bend my knee and consequently my ability to dance was severely impacted. After 1 week of taking Deep Marine Collagen, I began to see a significant reduction in knee pain and my range of motion increased."

Troy F.

Joint pain dermatitis DeepMarine testimonials

"At 44 I started putting up with all the inconvenience of hip arthritis. From walking in pain to unsettled sleep, and giving up the sports I enjoyed, I was left no option but over-the-counter pain medication. After 30 days of taking Deep Marine Collagen every morning, my hip comfort was dramatically increased and I was able to stop using pain meds. I'm back playing hockey, can go on hikes with my kids, and sleep great!"

Donald C.

Skin lupus dermatitis DeepMarine Reviews

"I've had severe skin Lupus for a few years now. I had open, painful sores on my skin, lips, face and the top of my head. The top of my head was raw and very painful, to the point where my hair fell out. I've gone to different dermatologists and tried many medications, which have done nothing for me. It was very difficult to work since my job is outdoors under the sun. My niece's recommended DeepMarine to me, and after under 2 weeks, my sores were almost completely healed and my hair started to grow again."

Grant S. 

"I’m a musician and an arborist and I have arthritis and have lived with the limitations of flexibility and pain since I was in my early 20s. My problem is mainly with my hands and fingers and using them as hard as I do in business and music has added up over time. I started taking a daily dose of 10g of Deep Marine collagen 3 months ago and have seen great improvement in the flexibility of my hands and fingers. After about 5 weeks I realized that my fingers where as sore or more so than usual mainly because I was bending them easier and farther than I had in years. Continuing to keep up with a daily dose I have lately experienced not only more flexibility but less pain as my hands are getting stronger and muscles that haven't moved properly in a long time are getting back in shape. At age 57 using Deep Marine for a short time with great results is a welcome relief and I will continue to use it daily and look forward to even more relief. Thanks! Grant."

Carol D.

anti aging dermatitis DeepMarine testimonials

"After taking 5 g of DeepMarine daily for a few weeks, I began to notice improvements in my skin tone.  I also had friends complimenting me on how great my skin looked.  However, I was truly shocked when at 7 weeks I took new photos and compared them to my before DeepMarine photos.  I would highly recommend DeepMarine to anyone looking for a natural way to seriously improve their skin. "

Dorothy J.  

Antiaging dermatitis DeepMarine Reviews

"I thought that dramatic improvements for ageing skin always included risky invasive procedures.  After three months of taking DeepMarine I could not believe the decrease in wrinkles depth around my eyes were and the improvement in skin tone.  Love DM 2"

Charlie O’D.

"I have played competitive fastball for over 25 years…I suffered from considerable arthritic pain and considered retirement. I began taking DeepMarine Collagen daily approximately three months ago… the difference in my joint health has allowed me … to continue to play a game that I love. Thanks Deep Marine"


"I have been taking 1 tablespoon of Deep Marine once a day for the last month. I was looking for something that would help with my skin. I’m almost 60 and for years I have not left the house without putting on foundation. My skin tone was uneven and I wished I didn’t have to worry about putting on foundation and makeup everyday. However, it didn’t take long for me to see some differences and not just with my skin. I noticed a difference in my sleep patterns in about 2-2.5 weeks. I normally wake up every night around 2:00 am and then again at 5:00am. Now I don’t wake up until 5:30am to start my day. I get a better night’s sleep. After a couple of weeks of taking Deep Marine I thought my skin was looking better, took a big step and I stopped wearing foundation. I wasn’t sure if it was all in my head because I really wanted it to work but the confirmation was when a co-worker recently told me that she thought I looked good. She said, "It looks like you are getting younger." I look forward to the new benefits I’m sure I’ll see with Deep Marine."


"I started taking 1 tablespoon daily of DeepMarine Collagen to help with severe arthritis in my shoulders.  I was discouraged at first because I didn't see any results after 4 weeks.   I decided to increased my dose to 2 tablespoons daily.  After 3 weeks on 2 tablespoons I began to see real reductions in my pain and felt better than I had for years.  I have now been taking the 10g dose of Deep Marine for 4 months and I am so thankful that I didn’t give up after the first few weeks. The pain is continually decreasing and my flexibility is increasing. I used to take the maximum allowed 8 painkillers daily and many days that was not enough.  I am now down to 2 or 3 painkillers a day and some days I don’t take any.  My range of motion has increased so significantly that I can now put my jacket on without assistance, something I haven’t been able to do for years.  I have to say, I had doubts about the collagen when I started taking it, but it has helped me tremendously and without the terrible side effects of pain killers."


“I have noticed a significant improvement in the level of pain that I experience in my knees after going for a run. I have run for many years and since turning 50 I have had pain in one and sometimes both knees after exercising. This has improved a great deal, I am experiencing less pain to the point that I can run and be more active regularly without the same level of discomfort. I would recommend Deep Marine Collagen to everyone, I feel that it has made dramatic improvements for me which keep getting better. I plan to continue using it indefinitely and am encouraging my family, including my 88 year old parents, to start using it to help with osteoarthritis, joint pain, and energy levels.”

Cassie N.

"After having my second child I experienced some major hair loss. I never wore my hair down because of how awful it looked. Then I was introduced to Deep Marine and I couldn’t be happier with the results. I’ve been taking it for five weeks now but started noticing new hair growth around the three week mark and my hair is getting thicker as well. I highly recommend Deep Marine to anyone else experiencing the same issues as I have."

Terry G.

"I have suffered from arthritis in my thumbs, hips, knees and back for years. I had to retire from hairdressing as the pain in my hands and back was preventing me from doing my job. I have been using the collagen for three weeks now and have already noticed some great changes. The arthritis in my thumbs is almost gone. I am able to open jars much easier and can peel and chop vegetables easily whereas before I struggled with both of these chores. I am no longer awakened at night with joint pain in my knees and hips and am able to walk and bend without constant pain. I recently spent about 4 hours doing some really aggressive cleaning around my house. I was completely surprised by how long I was able to work and that I wasn’t sore at all afterwards.I am very much looking forward to the progress that I will make over the next while!"

Maura S.

“Just finished five weeks of the Deep Marine Collagen Peptides and I can finally say I’m committed. I thought I would try it to see if it would do anything at all and I can’t believe that in August I was wearing a knee brace and limping because of tissue damage and arthritis. I had already gone for a Cortizone Injection, which did not help. I was booked for a second injection but cancelled because after taking DeepMarine for a few weeks the pain was gone. I can’t believe that it really worked. I am totally hooked and will not give it up now because I feel it is repairing the tissue and stopping the arthritis from hurting. I also have had people recently tell me how good I look, right out of the blue, and it has to be from the collagen powder doing it’s wonder. I think we have finally found a product to slow down our ageing process as well as heal our joint problems. I also have noticed that when the cold weather and humidity comes the parts on my body which have had a break are no longer aching. I can’t say enough about the benefits I’m experiencing and I really think people with joint aches and arthritis setting in should really give this product a try. The quality of my life and feeling so much more able to get around and feel better within is really working.”

Kaylyn B

"I started taking Deep Marine three weeks ago. I Tablespoon a day. I was sure I could notice a difference in my skin - but I thought I was just being overly hopeful. It was not until my Brother and his friend (sitting across from me in a community hall with really horrid fluorescent lighting) both commented that "my skin looked really good - barely any wrinkles! " That I allowed myself to hope..... maybe this is making a difference after all!"

Daniel C.

"Back when I was a trucker, I suffered an accident in the semi and really hurt my arm and knees. the accident caught up to me years later. I had a lot of pain in my arm and my knees, and being a driver makes the pain even worse. I started taking DeepMarine which was recommended to me by my daughter. In just a few weeks of taking 10grams a day, the pain completely went away. I also noticed it helped my cholesterol. I no longer needed to take medication. When I ran out of DeepMarine, I noticed my cholesterol issues returned. I definitely wont stop taking it anymore."

Catherine C.

fitness dermatitis DeepMarine Reviews

"I am a 27 year old fitness enthusiast and I try to take different supplements to aid in muscle building and repair. The problem was that many of the BCAA  and preworkout supplements I've taken seem to make me feel sick. I started to take DeepMarine after doing some research on the benefits of marine collagen. I figured it would help repair muscle quickly so I can recover fast and get stronger. After a few days of taking DeepMarine, I was surprised at how quickly I was able to jump right back into heavy lifting. I was able to lift heavier weight in a shorter amount of time. I now mix DeepMarine into my protein powder everyday to get stronger." 🙂


"I am excited to find a product that has helped me with healing multiple soft tissue injuries. In the summer, I took a couple of falls that injured my shoulders, gave me whiplash and sprained my ankles. What a mess! I started taking Deep Marine and found not only my healing to be accelerated, but I benefited from the great side effects of better sleeps and smoother, healthier looking skin!" Age 47 Female


"I suffer from an inflammatory disease called systemic Sarcoidosis. I also have Rheumatoid Arthritis and have been battling intense arthritic pain in my hands and knees. Simply opening a jar, climbing stairs or starting a lawn mower was wrought with intense pain. Since taking the Deep Marine, I have had a significant and definite reduction from pain in my hands and knees and my overall musculoskeletal system. I have a strong medical background and feel I can confidently say that this product has substantially helped me regain my ability to conduct everyday activities without the constant pain I had been feeling." Age 56 Male  

Cindy L.

Caroline C.

"I have been using Deep Marine for several months now. I noticed the eczema on my neck go away after just one week. I also noticed that a after a little over a week, my knees weren't hurting as much when I walked up and down the stairs. Deep marine is now a part of my morning routine. Thanks, Deep marine!"

Jimmy D.

Antiaging dermatitis DeepMarine Reviews

"I began taking DeepMarine collagen to reduce some noticeable hyperpigmentation on my forehead.  Within 6 weeks the hyperpigmentation had faded significantly and the lines in my forehead were far less prominent."

John B.

"I have been taking the collagen (1 tablespoon once per day) for a couple of months and have noticed significantly less pain in my hip joints than I had in the summer.  The only other changes to my lifestyle during this same period was a sharp reduction in carbohydrates in my diet.  I am pretty active - (average 5 km run and weights 5 days per week) and walk or bike to work.  While I have had reconstructive surgery on my knee a few years ago, I would say that it has also lessened the occasional pain in that area as well..."

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