DeepMarine Collagen Relieves
Joint & Arthritis Pain

When our joints are working normally we don’t think much about them. We can enjoy an active lifestyle without restrictions. But with wear and tear, or the onset of osteoarthritis, our joints begin to break down – the cartilage thins and deteriorates which causes bones to rub against each other - extremely painful. The onset of joint pain causes us to limit our activity and change the way we live our lives. Collagen can help with this!


Collagen is a very abundant, natural protein in the body that creates tissue strength and structure. It’s composed of long chains of amino acids and known to have tremendous tensile strength. It ensures the soft tissues in joints are durable and sturdy. When we are young our collagen will regenerate quickly, but as we age our body’s tissues repair themselves more slowly and less efficiently. Also, inherent in the ageing process is a decline in our body’s ability to produce collagen; unbelievably, this decline begins around age 25! Joint and back pain are not problems restricted to “old people”. Many young and middle-aged people suffer greatly from joint pain, which is immensely disruptive to their lives. In these cases, collagen can be extremely helpful in regenerating tissues in the joints and reducing the associated stiffness. With healthier joint tissues come decreased aches and pains.


By taking 5 grams of DeepMarine collagen each day, joint-pain sufferers can see very significant relief after 30-60 days. People who suffer from severe osteoarthritis pain may need 10 grams daily. Once pain relief is achieved, some people are able to reduce their daily dose back to 5 grams as a maintenance programme. DeepMarine users have reported significant improvements in joint function, decreased pain and increased mobility. They have been able to resume activities that their joint pain caused them to give up, and are enjoying more full and rewarding lifestyles.

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