Best Pain Free Gifts For People With Arthritis

February 12, 2018

Best Pain Free Gifts For People With Arthritis

Derrick Szuszkiel

Living with arthritis completely changes how you function by making simple tasks become cumbersome and painful. If you have loved ones who suffer from arthritis, they may appreciate a gift that will help make their lives easier and pain-free.

There are all kinds of appropriate gifts for people with arthritis, but if you’re unsure of where to start, this article covers some ideas, including a very special product known to relieve pain long-term, so read on.   

Ergonomically designed gifts for people with arthritis

When arthritis affects hands, the pain and stiffness make simple tasks such as eating, drinking, working on the computer or doing chores considerably more difficult. Thanks to ergonomics, you can buy the following products designed for home and work to put simplicity back into these tasks without the pain and stiffness.

Kitchen & Eating Utensils

Many online stores offer ergonomically designed utensils such as large handled spoons, forks, and knives which can be bent to suit any angle for maximum comfort.

There are also a number of special dishes like scooper plates which have high sides to help get food onto forks and spoons. Some also have suction cups at the bottom to keep them from sliding around.

For that someone you know who likes to garden, craft, or write…

There are numerous ergonomically designed gardening tools, scissors, and writing utensils to help minimize pain and discomfort to keep them doing what they love.

For the tech-savvy person with arthritis…

They might appreciate a vertical computer mouse. Instead of keeping your hand in an unnatural position a vertical mouse keeps the hand in a more natural handshake position taking the strain off the wrists. There are also inclined keyboards that keep your wrists and hands in a downward position, making typing more comfortable.   

Gifts to help relieve painful hands

Having arthritic hands makes manipulating objects a difficult chore, but luckily there are many products available to help make object manipulation easy again.  

Compression gloves make great gifts for people with arthritis. They are made from special fabric that puts pressure on the hands to reduce swelling and pain while providing control for your fingers. Some gloves even offer warming functions to further ease pain and discomfort.

Seatbelt buddies which are special brackets that clip onto your seatbelt buckles to help keep them straight. There are also special buttons you can put on your seatbelt buckle to help make unbuckling easier.

For around the house, there are special grips you can buy that go on doorknobs or house keys that make turning locks or knobs a snap.

If your friend likes jewelry but can’t manipulate tiny claps or hooks, you can get them special jewelry made with stretchy bands that are simple to slip on and off.

For more tech-oriented gifts for people with arthritis, you can get voice recognition devices such as the Google Home. Google Home allows you to verbally ask questions instead of typing them on a computer. You can ask Google to play music, put Netflix on the TV, make a phone call, play the news or even book flights, all with your voice.

Gifts for painful backs, knees, feet, and hips

For painful hips, back, or knees there are a number of wonderful gifts available to help your loved ones.

Swivel seats are really useful because rather than twisting to get out of a chair or car the swivel seat slides you around which avoids any unnecessary twisting or straining.

For pain relief, there are hot and cold therapy packs. The cold restricts blood flow and reduces inflammation, swelling and pain while the heat increases blood flow and helps soothe aching muscles.

The ultimate gift for long-term pain relief

At last, there is one gift that can benefit the body as a whole: DeepMarine collagen. This product was primarily designed with osteoarthritis sufferers in mind.   

DeepMarine is derived from fish scales and replenishes collagen in your joints which rejuvenate tissues in the joint, relieve pain and improve mobility.

Due to its ultra-small molecules, DeepMarine collagen has a higher absorption rate than other forms of collagen. It is taken orally and can get to the joints faster so your loved ones can feel long-term relief from painful arthritis.

Would you give your loved ones gifts that help them combat pain caused by osteoarthritis? Let us know in the comments below.


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